Smogon Champions League III - Semifinals [Tiebreaker @ Post 120]

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Well, our run ended.
Even if this was an incredible year for me (always positive in every pl I played for lc, third on rby inv), I wanna apologise for my two losses in this scl, I could have avoided those and done better.

I wanna really thank my two managers for drafting me, im so glad, honoured to have played for you, they were both amazing managers, everything I asked they always accepted it (when I wanted to play ou or add more supporters), I couldn’t ask for better managers. Our team environment was amazing, no toxic users, all kind and focused on helping and supporting everyone in each tier.

I had fun playing both lc and ou and tbh without all helpers I would have probably done worse than 8-2.
I wanna s/o all lc helpers, ty for helping me testing and building, they are all good supporters, again here I couldn’t ask for better supporters.
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I’m sure I’m forgetting other testers s/o to everyone who helped me

I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone and I really hope to play for spl ggs.
I have to make clear what a bad Teammate, an insane bad teammate, I was. When you join a team tour such as SCL you have a certain responsibility when you get drafted. It should begin with having interest in the team or the games at least. I was a nightmare of a teammate because of multiple reasons:

1. I was inactive in every channel and didn't really help improving the feeling of a team.

2. I didn't build my teams. I am grateful to those who built the teams every week for me but this is a no-go as a teammate because I also didn't contribute much to the ideas I was given.

3. Not doing anything is one thing but only chatting in game discussion and pointing out how bad our teammates are is even worse. I still don't know why I do that but this is incredibly fraudulent.

4. Every single week I told my managers that I will do better next week but I never did that. I Just gave out empty promises which is inexcusable.

I realized that motivation is a big Part of a tournament but dragging others down is Just not social at all. I deeply apologize to my Managers Tony Star as well as my teammates.

I think there has never been a worse teammate than me so far. I will reflect on everything I have done. I don't know when I will be back to join team tournaments but this cannot keep going. I have to restrain myself to get a better Person first.
a lot of my recent team tournaments i felt like this, having been guilty of all 4 especially 4 (and put terrible record upon terrible record on top) and that's part of why i basically stopped signing up for these for a few years, i think being cognizant of that puts you way ahead of a lot of players and although it's small consolation right now you did go even. saying this as someone who didn't even watch your games (my dumbass asked finch when he was playing after the series was over) I just wanna say the feeling of letting your team down is awful, but identifying where you can improve and making an effort to reflect while being a very skilled player is a great thing that will help you in your future tournaments
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